Engranaje’s workshops are focus on sharing the company creative experience that they develop during the process of given birth to a show. They also develop thematic workshops focused on a single technique or theme.  

Our fundamental workshop / sensitivity and cleverness 

We want to open to you how we create our shows. In our shows you’ll find puppets o beings, as we name them, and also, you’ll find a strong work of atmospheres. This beings and atmospheres are built with different materials: fabrics, rubber bands, sponges, metal, paper, cardboard, wastes among thousands of other materials that we can find, everything can be useful to create a being or an atmosphere that will go on stage to play.

During the workshops we introduce the participants in the creation of beings and atmospheres through different disciplines, techniques and theatre exercises such as: Physical theatre (pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq), Mask theatre, objects theatre and puppet theatre, we also work substantially with manipulation exercises, movement exercises (pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq), analysis of human and animal movement, analysis and observation of rhythms and dynamics of nature, body training, among many other exercises that seek to awake the sensitivity and the work with materials.